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Dr. Neil Levin is a practicing chiropractor and nutritionist in East Northport, NY.

His specialties include, neck pain, low back pain, mid back pain, herniated disc, sciatic pain, arm pain, shoulder pain, hip pain and weight managment.

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Weight Loss with Green Coffee Bean Extract and Raspberry Ketones

Weight Loss
Can you really expect to lose weight by supplementing with green coffee bean extract and raspberry ketones? This article outlines the research and what you can really expect. First and foremost; yes, these supplements will help you lose weight. Equally as important, they promote fat burning while sparing lean (muscle) tissue.How do they work? Let’s...[read more]

Glucosamine and Condroitin for Pain Relief, Cancer and Longevity

We’ve long known that glucosamine and or chrondroitin are good for supporting healthy, comfortable joints. Numerous studies from highly regarded journals prove this point over and over. Glucosamine supplementation has also been shown to reduce arthritic thinning and destruction of the cartilage at the knee joint.Recently I have been...[read more]


backAs a practicing chiropractor I hear people’s complaints about their joints every day. Whether it's a back ache, sciatica, stiff neck, or any other joint issue , these problems have several features in common: bone, cartilage, muscles, ligaments, tendons and inflammation. These are the tissues to focus on when dealing with pain...[read more ]

Digest Your Food with Ease and Comfort

DigestFeeling bloated during and after meals?  Is gas a problem?  Does the food just sit there? You're not the only one.  I hear these complaints regularly.  In fact millions of Americans have constipation and intestinal discomfort.  Here are a few of the main GI problems along with some solutions to get you digesting your food like a kid again... [read more]

Magnesium and Leg Cramps

I hear it all the time: "Doc, what can I do about these cramps in my legs?"  It's usually folks over 40; but young people can have the problem as well.  In fact, my daughter Samantha used to suffer with leg discomfort almost daily at only 8 years of age.  Within 2 days of beginning magnesium supplementation, her leg pain vanished.  Why excellent....[read more]

Herniated Disc: Pain and Treatment

Whether from a car accident, a sports injury, gardening or a simple slip and fall, herniated discs are caused by trauma.  A disc herniation is due to a tear through the outer fibers of the disc.  This allows the softer material from the inside of the disc, to leak out creating a painful inflammatory responce in the area.  If the herniation presses against...[read more]

Organic Juice Cleanse Review

 Neck pain got you down!?
Watch Dr. Levin demonstrate The Best Neck Exercise Ever

Dr. Neil Levin practices in Suffolk County, Long Island in East Northport, NY
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Dr. Levin,  I hurt my lower back 2 ½ weeks ago and went to the orthopedist who gave me some prednisone.  It helped a little, but I was still in a lot of pain and often unable to bend down. During my follow-up visit with the orthopedist, she asked if I had a chiropractor (not a common question coming from an orthopedist!) and, of course I do – Dr. Neil Levin.  After a small lumbar adjustment and a little rearranging of my psoas muscle, I’m feeling MUCH better!!   ~Sheila
Dr Levin,
Finally, I can turn left and right all the way.
Tom B 3/28/14 
Dr. Neil,
Tried the Organic Juice Cleanse, Felt Energized and Great.  Thank you, Helen B 3/24/14 
Dear Dr Levin,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for all the help you have given me in regards to my physical and mental well being.  So much so that I will not hesitate in telling others of the miracle you have performed in my life."
Sincerely, Bob H (2/6/13)
True story, I have been suffering of left thigh pain even when walking, I could not even run of course. After about 2 days of taking your meds, the pain went away, I'm currently taking the Krill, green multivitamins and the GC flex, something there it's working it's magic.
Thank you very much. Julio A 10/16/13

Hi Dr. Levin,
So nice of you to check in. I have been feeling great since my last visit with you! Two years of treatments from the other chiropractor and you fixed my problems in just two visits. Unbelievable.
Thank you very much.  Ana F (6/5/12)

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