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Q- Dear Dr. Levin,
I’m 43 years old and want to lose about 35 lbs. I have been on several diets in the last 6 years.  Some of the weight comes off each time, but comes right back when I stop dieting.  The problem is, 6 years ago I had 20 lbs to lose.  Now it’s 35.  I’m actually moving in the wrong direction.  What can you suggest?
Seattle W.A.

A- Dear Cheryl,
Yours is a very common complaint.  In fact, in my opinion dieting is a total waste of time!!  
The key to weight management more

Q- Dr. Levin, I take a statin drug.  I've heard that I should be taking CoQ10 because the drug reduces the CoQ.  Is this true?
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Q- Is fish oil really that important?
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Q- Dear Dr Levin,
I just became pregnant 2 months ago ... What would be the best vitamins to take during this time?
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Q- Dr. Levin,
I notice that my dad’s posture is beginning to get worse... Is there anything that he can do about this?
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Q- Dear Dr Levin,
I occasionally experience PVC's (skipped or extra beats) due to excess gas and bloating. I have been recently diagnosed with IBS after a colonoscopy came back negative. What can I do to relieve the excess bloating and gas and stop these annoying PVC's?? I have had the condition off and on now for almost 20 yrs.

My fiber intake is minimal because I am afraid that I will bloat up immediately and experience the PVC's all over again.  Thanks!

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Dr. Neil Levin is a practicing chiropractor and nutritionist in East Northport, NY.