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Banish Your Back Pain

“How can I avoid these back problems in the future?”

 “I really look forward to my golf and it’s such a bummer when I can’t play.”

 I just got off the golf course with my newest golf friend Mitch.  He’s about 50 years old. Once he found out I was a chiropractor, he mentioned the pain and stiffness in his back, explaining that he wasn't able to play golf in a big outing 2 days ago.  He’d been looking forward to it, yet when the day came to play, he woke up with back pain which got progressively worse.  Eventually he called his friend to give him the bad news.  “Sorry, I can’t make it... Yes, it’s my back again.”

 Mitch, told me this story and then asked me the question which began this article.  A question I have been asked, dozens of times during my career.  Here’s the answer.  It

works whether you’re young or old, an athlete or a couch potato, a gardener or a golfer.  Give it a try.  I find that 90+% of the people who follow this protocol get tremendous results:

"Mitch, you have to get yourself on a program that addresses all aspects of your spinal health." 

You need to feed and fortify your body with high quality foods and cutting edge supplements.  In addition you need to stretch and strengthen your core muscles, correct any spinal muscle imbalances and mobilize stiff, stuck spinal joints (we get stiffer with age).  Let’s break down each one of these suggestions so that you can benefit from the explanation.

Feed And Fortify Your Spine

It never ceases to amaze me.  I look at the history, of the back or neck pain patient sitting in front of me, only to find out that they don’t eat any fruits and vegetables; or if they do, they only get 1 or 2 servings per day.  They don’t eat fish, don’t use supplements and eat lots of fast and fried junk food.  Then they ask me why their neck or back hurts.  So I might say to them, "would you expect your car to run well if you don’t put quality gas in the tank, change the oil and give it the appropriate routine maintenance."  To this they reply: No.  I follow up with: "Then why do you expect to feel great if you’re feeding your body with junk food, that’s void of so many vital nutrients, while causing your entire body to be inflamed?"  

The Standard American Diet (SAD) tends to be high in junk, fried and processed foods such as muffins, bagels, wheat bread, donuts, chips etc…

which are high in trans fats, omega 6 fats and sugar and dozens of chemicals that destroy our health.  This type of diet tends to cause inflammation throughout the body.  Conversely the SAD diet is low in the healthy foods such as fish, fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, nuts and legumes, olive oil, fish oil and tea (especially green).  Thus our diet predisposes us to pain.  Fix this problem by adding lots of healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables and lean protein.  Eat fatty fish such as wild Alaskan salmon, 2 times a week, use omega 3 fortified eggs, whenever possible use organic free range chicken or organic grass fed beef, and use olive oil as your main oil for cooking and extra virgin olive oil on salads.  Dramatically reduce your consumption of junk food and wheat flour in all it's forms, whether white or whole wheat.

Supplement Your Spine

Use the following nutrients to protect your joints and create a healthier inflammatory picture in your body. 
• Fish and or Krill Oil-Improves the overall inflammatory picture in your body while supporting joint, heart and brain health.  If you're taking fish oil use a concentrated pharmaceutical grade product free of mercury, heavy metals, PCB’s and other impurities.  Take at least 2,000 mgs of combined EPA and DHA per day (click here for my favorite pure fish oil).  Krill Oil supports healthy comfortable joints faster than fish oil because the omega 3 fatty acids are attached to phospholipids just like they are in our own cell membranes.  If you're using Krill Oil, I like at least 600 mgs per day.  I personally use and promote a combination product by Purity Products which combines the concentrated fish oil and Krill oil.  Two Krill Omega Super Formula gives 1000 mgs of EPA and DHA per day along with 300mgs of Krill Oil, the exact amount used in a study which promoted improved joint function and comfort in just 7 days.  Take 4 softgels per day for the first 6 weeks to nicely saturate the cell membranes of your muscles and joints for quicker benefits.  Then reduce to 3 per day and see if you maintain the same benefits.  If your still very comfortable drop down to 2 per day and if you maintain the benefits that's a good dosage for you.  If you get a little achier go back to 3 or 4 softgels. I personally use 6 capsules per day. click here to purchase

• Glucosamine/Chondroitin Sulfate- Most studies show that this combination helps reduce joint pain and protects cartilage allowing enhanced joint mobility and healing.  GC Flex adds 5-loxin, a natural anti-inflammatory which supports healthy collagen production.  In a recent trial on joint pain 5-loxin performed remarkably well. Use 1500mgs of glucosamine, 1200mgs of chondroitin, and 100mgs of 5-loxin which is the exact mixture in GC Flex. click here to purchase
• Multivitamin-Use a good Multi to supply your body with good levels of vitamins and minerals in their natural forms, preferably with extracts from several super foods (I use
Perfect Multi Super Greens or my own formula the Magnificent Multi made to my specifications by Douglas Labs.  Both are great choices).
• Use a Pytonutrient Drink-.  Maybe you’ve heard me speak about the Organic Juice Cleanse or 
Triple Greens on the radio and television.  Let’s face it; Americans don’t get close to enough fruits and vegetables on a daily basis.  That's why I recommend a phytonutrient drink to all of my patients.  It fills the gap by adding the super fruits and vegetables missing from your diet. Each scoop of Triple Greens has the antioxidant equivalent of about 8 servings of fruits and vegetables. Either way, adding a heaping scoop or two of the finest, most potent, health promoting fruits, vegetables and super foods in the world to your diet every single day brings with it some extraordinary health benefits for your spine, brain, heart and skin.

Stretch and Strengthen Core Muscles

ENHANCE YOUR SPINAL FITNESS!!! Too many of us have settled into a sedentary lifestyle in which we sit as we drive to work, then sit at a desk all day, then sit some more when we get home.  This causes the spine to become stiff, while important core muscles become less flexible and atrophy (become smaller and weaker).  Thus we are predisposed to injury, stiffness and pain.  It is essential to start getting fitter and stronger.

This will cause your spine, joints and muscle to begin to behave like the younger version of yourself, leading to some incredible and comfortable results.   Watch and perform the exercises on my Core Exercise video and add the push-ups and squats from my Get Strong video.  Bottom line, whether it's, hitting the gym, calisthenics, pilates or yoga, just do it, and do it regularly.

male rolling back over large rubber ball

Mobilize Your Spine

As we progress into our 40’s, 50’s and beyond our joints be
come stiff.  Naturally this includes the spine and rib cage.  Stretching and exercise are very beneficial, yet many of us still have stiff rigid joints.  This is when a good chiropractor becomes essential.  Chiropractors are trained to find areas of spinal stiffness.  We mobilize these areas so they can function closer to the way they did in our youth.  This added flexibility, in areas that were formally stiff and rigid, allow the spinal segments to move freely, slowing spinal degeneration and reducing the likelihood of injury and pain.  I prefer to seek out a chiropractor with advanced credentialing, such as a one certified in sports chiropractic, orthopedics, Applied Kinesiology, Sacral Occipital technique, ART or neurology. 

I have found that chiropractors who have continued their education tend to have those “golden hands.” In addition ask your friends if they use a chiropractor they think is great.  It may take trying out a few different doctors but eventually you will find the right chiropractor for you.

Usually I see a new patient more often in the early stages of care, while we work through their issues and then less often as they improve.  Most of my athletic and health conscious patients choose to see me once every 2-4 weeks to insure that they maintain their spinal fitness and reduce their chance of injury and pain.

The Whole Package

If you follow these guidelines I expect you to feel significantly better within 2-3 weeks.  By the third month on this protocol you will literally feel like a different person.  Give it a try and shoot me an e-mail letting me know how you do.  I love the positive comments.

By Dr. Neil Levin
Chiropractic, Nutrition, Fitness
Practicing in East Northport, NY
(631) 651-2929