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1: J Hum Hypertens. 2001 Apr;15(4):263-9. 

Grossman E, Grossman A, Schein MH, Zimlichman R, Gavish B.
PMID: 11319675


Dr Levin’s Comment:

One of the easiest ways to quickly increase your energy, yet at the same time relax, is to learn to breathe properly.  This study shows that proper breathing can even lower your blood pressure.

Here is a nice easy technique to learn proper breathing which I also call Diaphragmatic Breathing.  But, first let’s see if you’re breathing correctly.

Lie quietly flat on your bed, a mat, or a comfortably carpeted floor.  Now place your hand on your belly button and notice how it moves as you breath.  Your hand should move towards the ceiling (away from your spine) as you inhale.  This should happen before your rib cage expands.  If the opposite is true your breathing incorrectly.  Don’t worry, most people do.  Follow the directions below to begin to breath properly.

     1)  Lying comfortably on your back begin to relax and breathe naturally with your hand on your belly button.

     2)  Take a nice long inhalation for 4-5 seconds.  Let your belly push your hand up toward the ceiling prior to your ribcage      expanding.

     3)  Exhale and feel your hand fall back toward your spine for 5-6 seconds.

     4)  Continue to do this for 5 minutes several times a week.  Twice a day is even better.

     5)  While diaphragmatic breathing, think nice relaxing thoughts. 

You should feel relaxed and refreshed when you finish this exercise.  Many find this method quite useful when they feel stressed out.

Along with eating more fruits and vegetables and trying to attain an ideal body weight, the following nutrients have shown promise in promoting healthier blood pressure levels: Omega 3 fatty acids, Potassium, Magnesium, Calcium, Vitamin C and E, and Garlic.


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