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Core Exercises

Exercise is certainly one of the Pillars of good health and Youthful Aging.  In my practice, I encourage my patients to exercise almost daily. 

The government recommends that Americans should ---- Core exercises (large)perform moderate aerobic exercise for at least a half hour every single day and weight resistance exercises that work out all major muscle groups at least twice a week.  Unfortunately, I have found that relatively few of my patients follow these recommendations. 

With this in mind, I have put together a nice easy "Core Exercise" routine that you can perform several times per week.  The Core Exercise Sheets consist of 7 exercises that will strengthen and add flexibility to your back, abdominals, glutes and neck.  On the first page are two additional weight resistance exercises that everyone should be performing regularly: squats and push-ups. When you begin to perform all of these exercises remember this very important direction: START OUT SLOW and EASY. (click here to bypass the rest of the article and go straight to the Core Exercises).

When you first begin to perform squats you should be holding onto a chair for support and only go down half way.  Eventually work up to performing about 15 good squats.  The leg muscles are your biggest and when you make them stronger you kick up your metabolic rate helping you to lose excess pounds.  Stronger legs means less knee pain and makes climbing stairs a breeze. In addition, for the guys out there: Building up your legs can give your testosterone levels a nice boost, which tends to make us feel more youthful and vigorous.

When you begin to do push-ups, start out by doing them with your hands on the counter (a bit easier).  Eventually work up to doing your push-ups on the floor; first on bent knees and then work up to being on your toes.  If you never get to that point it's fine; performing them with your hands on the counter will build plenty of muscle and upper body strength. 

To see my directional video click here, and to print out your own PDF copy of the Core Exercises click here .  To view the video on push-ups and squats - click here (but remember, these exercises also appear on the "Core Exercise" sheets).

In addition to these "Core and Resistance Exercises" try to work in some aerobic---- Neil hunt tri bike (thumb)
exercise.  Walking, jogging, biking, hiking and swimming all fit the bill nicely.  If you're averse to the cold weather you may want to purchase a piece of indoor exercise equipment.  Treadmills, ellipticals and stationary bikes are all great but if I had to choose one it would definitely be the elliptical as it works both your lower and upper body.  (Sprint Triathlons are also great and only take about an hour: To the right is a picture of me biking at the 2011 Huntington Sprint Triathlon).

Try to perform these exercises at least every other day. 
Within 2-3 weeks I'm sure you will notice a wonderful difference.

Eat well, exercise, supplement wisely and maintain a positive mental attitude; that's how we'll age gracefully together.

To Your Great Health,
Dr. Neil Levin, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer.