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PMID: 12488309

Ann Oncol 2003 Jan; 14 (1): 162-7

Dr Levin’s comment:

Here is just another reason to make sure you are getting adequate fiber in your diet.  Along with promoting healthy cell division, fiber provides benefit for healthier blood cholesterol, blood sugar and blood insulin levels.  It attracts water and provides bulk to stool in your intestinal tract, which improves stool transit time.  This gets the toxins which are in your feces out of your body faster, and reduces constipation. 

The healthy bacteria in your colon break down some of the fiber to form short chain fatty acids which feed the cells of your colon allowing them to do their job better (important).

Make sure that you are getting at least 25-35 grams of fiber a day.  The average American gets only about 12 grams.  To increase your fiber switch to whole grain breads, add legumes to your diet (beans and nuts) and eat more fruits and vegetables.  Purity Products makes a delicious fiber supplement which I use called FiberBiotics.  FiberBiotics also has a healthy dose of friendly bacteria to enhance the health of your colon and digestive tract.
Triple Greens and Organic Triple Greens each have 3 grams of fiber along with the benefits of increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables in an easy to use powder.  I use both regularly.

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