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You Don’t Need Drugs:  
*You Need Your Genuine Replacement Parts*

Now you may be thinking: Genuine replacement parts???  What the heck is he talking about???
So my follow-up question for you…just like I ask my patients daily, is where do you think that your cells, tissues and organs come from?  Think about it while you read on.

If you look in the mirror and you don’t like what you see… If you’re thinking, why can’t I look the way I did when I was younger?  Well you can, but you must realize that everything that you put in your mouth has a neutral, positive or negative impact on your health. 

So now let’s answer the question… Put on your thinking cap:
All of your cells, tissues & organs come from only one place…… food.  This is a fact that has no argument, and a twinkly can’t possibly create brain cells as well as a nice organic salad with grilled chicken.  In fact, one is constructive while the other is destructive (I’m sure you can guess….).

So, your heart cells, your liver cells, your skin cells, your lung cells, neck, back and knee cells, all come from the same place.  The food that you eat.

Now think about your health. Do you have any symptoms: headaches, insomnia, back ache, neck pain, high blood pressure, blood sugar issues, cancer, knee pain?

Now let’s review what you’re eating…Is it cereal in the morning (full of sugar). A sandwich for lunch with processed meat on top of some sort of white bread? Is dinner Pizza or fast food or some other highly processed food? Are you drinking soda or fruit juice (full of sugar) or worse diet drinks full of Aspartame or Sucralose?

Do you think that these foods are creating good cells or bad cells?  In case you’re unsure… the answer is BAD.  In fact, if you think of sugar as the devil, your 80% of the way there.  Yes sugar and anything that turns to sugar rapidly in your body is bad, bad, bad for you. That’s because sugar is strictly empty calories. It gets you fat and steals your vitamins and minerals as you digest it. It raises your triglycerides, cholesterol and blood sugar which absolutely ruins your body cell by cell.  It creates inflammation causing aches and pains, stiffening your arteries, and it is even strongly linked to cancer.  Scared?  Good!

So what foods should be strongly limited?  Sugar, cookies, muffins, brownies, cake, candy, white and whole wheat bread (both turn to sugar very fast in your body), pasta, bagels, most breakfast cereals, tortillas, rice cakes, etc…  These foods are bad news.  For a more complete list google glycemic index of common foods where you will find lots of info on this subject.

What foods are good for you and build a healthy body?  Vegetables, most fruit (limit bananas, grapes, pineapple, watermelon), berries are especially good as they turn to sugar slowly and are very nutrient dense, salads, eggs, meats including red meat, pork, chicken, turkey, fish, shell fish, nuts, legumes, healthy grass fed or organic butter and cheeses, coffee, tea and water.

Now this is a key point.  My patients who skip this step and jump in with both feet often crash and burn ending up back where they started:  Change your diet on a slowly!!!

If you make changes too quickly you may feel worse before you feel better. So if you eat 5 cookies every night after dinner, first go down to 3, then 1, then none. Or switch from cookies every night to three or four nights per week substituting some berries or an apple on the other nights.  In addition, try to eat some protein (preferably from and animal if you’re not a vegetarian) at every meal.

Your reward:    AMAZING HEALTH- you will feel more alert, have less brain fog, be more energized, have less body pain, your skin will clear up and your hair will look better.  You will have more bounce in your step, the weight will peel off, you will lose a few belt notches and your friends will be asking you how you did it. 

This works all the time!  Feed your body what it was designed to digest, and an amazing transformation begins.  How long will it take?  Well how sick are you? How old are you? How long have you been eating poorly? How overweight are you?

If your diet is pretty good, you’re younger and you’re at or near your ideal weight with only mild symptoms, you will notice dramatic improvement rapidly.  If you are older, have been eating the wrong foods longer, are very sick, very overweight and very symptomatic it will take longer.  You’re probably somewhere in the middle as are most of my patients.

Keep in mind that a red blood cell lives for 90 days and is replaced. Other tissues like your skin and the lining of your digestive track also turn over fast. However, many organs take much longer.  Bones literally take years and years.  Thus, give the process time.

Two more very healthy habits that are important to practice daily are exercise and maintaining a proper mental attitude.  Too much negativity will make you sick.  Too much inactivity isn’t so good either.  The body was designed to move so find something you love to do and do it.

Adopt these changes slowly but surely and wonderful health benefits are just around the corner.  I have added some links below to help you along your health journey.

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Dr. Neil Levin - 4/10/17

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