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Green Tea  - The Wonder Weight Loss Nutrient

The Chinese and Japanese have known about green tea for thousands of years. I’m sure many of you are already enjoying the benefits. But now a new technology has been created that literally has shaken the green tea community to its foundation. This wonderful new technology is called: Green Tea Phytosome and it literally changes everything.

The Benefits of Green Tea

For those who aren’t familiar with the benefits of green tea polyphenols, especially the most important one, EGCG (Epigallocatechin gallate), following is a list. All of these benefits are backed by over 3000 peer reviewed articles and studies at the library of Congress:

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 Healthy Immunity

Antioxidant  Powerhouse

 Cardiovascular Health

Improved Cholesterol Levels        

 Improved Triglyceride Levels

Energy, Energy, Energy    

 Improved Metabolism

Enhanced Fat Burning

 Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Joint Health

 Promotes Healthy Digestion

Protects Muscles during work-out

 Healthy Memory and Cognition 

Reduced risk of some cancers

 Reduced Risk of Stroke

Improved Vascular Health

 Healthy Blood Pressure

Green tea is one of the most powerful antioxidants available. Research from the University of Kansas indicates that the antioxidant potential of green tea is 100 times greater than vitamin C, 25 times greater that vitamin E and twice as strong as resveratrol (1) (the molecule in red wine scientists feel is responsible for keeping the French lean and healthy). 

The problem with green tea in the past was it's low absorption by our GI tract. The green tea polyphenols, including EGCG, the premier green tea phytonutrient, are large molecules. Studies indicate that only about 10% of these polyphenols get absorbed from the digestive tract into the body. That means about 90% of these health promoting molecules pass right out of your system, without imparting their positive benefits. However, now there’s new technology; it’s called Green Tea Phytosome and it’s a game changer.

What is Green Tea Phytosome and why is it Better?

We have to thank some brilliant scientists at a large pharmaceutical company in Milan, Italy for this breakthrough. They created a way to attach polyphenols from green tea to phosphatidycholine (PC). PC is a fatty acid that makes up the cell membranes in our body. Because of this, our digestive system absorbs it readily, while the green tea polyphenols hitch a ride.  Studies show that this increases the absorption of these polyphenols by more than double. These studies confirm that the EGCG concentration in human blood increased by two fold with green tea phytosome supplementation vs regular green tea supplementation (2). Bottom line: with this new phytosome technology you’re absorbing twice as much of the EGCG and other green tea polyphenols gleaning dramatically more benefit. This makes green tea phytosome a much better value.

If I’m Already Taking a Green Tea Supplement,
Should I Switch?

Absolutely!! If you’re already taking a green tea supplement, I applaud your sensibility. You've recognized the incredible benefits backed up by over 3000 peer reviewed studies and articles. Yet now, with Evoxin you absorb twice as much of the green tea polyphenols, bumping the benefits way up. I’ve encouraged all of my patients, family and friends to switch to this new technology during the past month.

* Losing Weight with Green Tea *

A new study just published in the Journal Integrative Nutrition (2008) has given dieters reason to cheer. Researchers worked with 100 overweight subjects ages 25-60 (20-40% over their ideal weight). Fifty people took 300mgs of green tea phytosome and 50 took placebo. The women reduced their caloric intake to 1350 calories while the men ingested 1850 calories. After 90 days individuals in the group taking placebo lost on average 10lbs while the those in the group taking the green tea phytosome lost 30lbs!!!  That’s 3 times as much weight loss with no additional exercise or calorie restriction!!!  In addition the people taking the green tea phytosome saw significant reductions in cholesterol and triglyceride levels and lost more inches around the waist 3.

This is by far the most exciting study that I have seen on weight loss, in people utilizing an all natural supplement. At this point I don’t start anyone on a weight loss program without first starting them on Evoxin, which uses the exact same green tea phytosome as this study utilized and has a full 400 mgs, a full 100 mgs more than they used in the study. 

No Side Effects – Excellent Side benefits

The great news about using Green Tea Super Formula for weight loss is that unlike many prescription weight loss medications, there are no side effects. Conversely, if you refer to the beginning of this article, you will see a long list of benefits backed up by over 3000 peer reviewed articles and research papers at the library of congress.

Caritine - Your Fat Burning Friend

In addition Evoxin contains two more cutting edge nutrients: L-Carintine and Acetyl-L-Carnitine. When it comes to burning fat, these are two of your best friends.  That's because these molecules help to mobalize fat and bring it to the mitochndria where it utilized in the creation of energy (ATP). In fact you can't create energy from fat without carnitine.  The fat simply can't enter the mitochondria (your cellular furnaces) without it.  That's why Evoxin utilizes these 3 nutrients together to create the best green tea weight loss product on the market.  In addition they used CarnipureCarnitine, regarded by most as the finest carnitine available.

Burn Fat - Build Muscle

Fat for there's a trade we're all happy to make.  The good news is:the studies on carnitine indicate this is exactly what happens with carnitine supplementation.  In an interesting study by Pistone and colleagues published in the journal Drugs Aging 2003;20:761-767, elderly men and women complaining of fatigue after only slight physical exertion supplemented with 4000 mgs of L-carnitine or placebo for 30 days.  Those taking the carnitine added on average 4.3lbs of muscle mass while shedding a little more than 5 lbs of fat without additional dieting or exercise.  In addition, measures of mental and physical fatigue improved signifiacantly.  By contrast, those on placebo garnered no benefit.

Another study published in the journal Metabolism, 2004;53:1002-1006 showed an increase in fat burning by a whopping 20% in overweight men and women who supplemented with 3000mgs of L-carnitine.  Evoxin is an absolute must for anyone interestred in losing fat and building muscle. 

In addition make sure to increase you physical activity and improve your food choices.  See the following articles for more information on losing fat and getting in shape:

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Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions on this material.

Eat right, exercise, have a positive mental attitude and supplement wisely…That’s how we'll age gracefully, together.

By Dr Neil Levin
Chiropractor practicing in East Northport, NY
(631) 651-2929

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