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Leaky Gut Healing Protocol

Once you have determined that you have a leaky gut, or if you just are suffering with gastrointestinal disturbance, you will want to implement some of the strategies below to restore and heal your gut.  This will make you feel much more comfortable and allow you GI tract to heal.  A healthy GI Tract is critical to your overall health and well being.  For that’s were all of our nutrients are absorbed.  A well functioning GI Tract blocks material that shouldn’t be allowed access to your blood stream from getting in while ushering in all of the good vitamins, minerals, protein etc.

It naturally follows that we need optimal health here before we can achieve optimal health throughout the rest of our body. First off, if you have done an ALCAT or similar test then you know what foods you body is reacting to. Make sure that you stay away from foods that you react severely or moderately for at least 6 and preferably 9 months.  You can rotate in the foods you react mildly to once every 4 days.

If you do not know what foods you react to you have a much larger problem on your hands (to read: GI Disturbance and Autoimmune Disease
). If you cannot afford to have an ALCAT test done (figure between $400-$800) then you’ll need to begin to remove certain food groups from your diet for a couple of weeks to see how you respond.  If you feel much better, then continue avoiding this food.  If there is no change, move on to the next group.  The first I would try is coffee as it causes irritation in the GI Tract for many people.  If that doesn’t help then try removing the following groups in any order you choose, trying to find the one that helps you: Milk/dairy, wheat/gluten/gliadin, eggs or just egg yolks, pureed tomato products such as red sauces, night shade vegetables, sea food (particularly crustaceans), nuts, soy (which includes soy bean, tofu, soy oil), corn and corn containing products (this list is not exhaustive but designed to show you your first several choices).

When you begin to undertake healing your gut start slowly.  Don’t try to utilize all of these ideas at once.  Start with the Big 7 (see below) and then slowly begin to add others. If you do add anything new and feel uncomfortable, discontinue that choice and move on to the next one.
Of the “Additional Supplement” choices, use 1 to 3 of them and rotate them every couple of months for best results.

The Big 7
• L-glutamine:1,500 mg/daily; 3-500 mg doses ie:
Douglas Labs L-Glutamine 500
• Probiotics: Broad spectrum proboitic - sold refrigerated; approx 12-15 billion
    cells/daily ie:
Douglas Labs-Multi Probiotic 4000
• Digestive Enzymes-broad spectrum ie: Douglas Labs-Ultrazyme. Take 2-3 caps 
    with each meal (I advise 1 cap after 1st bite, another 1/3 of the way through
    the meal and another 2/3 of the way through).
• Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids:
EPA/DHA (1,500-2,000 mg per day combined
    check the back of the label for exact amounts per capsule – commonly
    300mgs per capsule of combination of the 2 in your average 1,000 fish oil cap).
• Antioxidants to combat free radical damage and to insure neutralization of the increased levels of omega 3 fatty acids EPA/DHA ie: Super fruit/vegetable powders such as Triple Greens/ Super Reds and many others.  See antioxidant formulas on my website.
• Vitamin D: 5,000 IU/ day October-April and
2,000 IU/day May-Sept (if you get outdoors a lot in summer time. Otherwise, 5,000 IU’s all year round).
• Use one or all of these natural anti-inflammatory nutrients:
    Ginger, Tumeric, Boswellia (which can all be found in Physiologics
CTR formula).  
    Make sure to take with food as it can be harsh without.  If you find the CTR
    formula hard on your stomach, try them one at a time. One to two caps
    or as described on bottle.

Gut Healing Foods:
Use the following foods as much as possible to help cleanse the liver and body to remove harmful toxins:
• Brassicaceae: Broccoli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, mustard,
    radish, and turnips
• Artichoke and Onions and if tolerable, garlic
•Limit or cut our completely, anything with trans fats, partially hydrogenated
    fats, coffee, and highly processed foods.
•Read and follow my article: DR. LEVIN'S ANTI-INFLAMMATORY DIET    
Additional Supplements used to promote GI Health:
• Alpha lipoic acid
• Burdock
• Dandelion
• Green Tea or specificallyEGCG
• Glutathione
• Hops
• Kelp
• Milk thistle
• N-acetyl-cysteine (NAC)
• Resveratrol

CAUTION: if you have done an ALCAT test, make sure each of the supplements that you choose is OK with your ALCAT results. For example, if green tea appears on you moderate or severe reactive list, don’t use it, but move on to another choice.

Triggers for the leaky gut:
• Heavy metals, including mercury amalgams (tooth fillings)
    Note: metals can be found in hobby materials (solder, etc.)
• Chromaphoric cosmetics (cosmetics with blues, reds, and other colors)
• Household cleansers- Use white vinegar and mild soaps whenever possible
    Use gloves and treat the harsh cleansers as you would if working with a toxic substance
• Industrial chemicals
• Pesticides (use gloves and wash thoroughly after using)
• Splenda (sucralose) and other artificial sweeteners
• Gluten and corn

Anti-Inflammatory Plants:
• Aloe
• Bromelain
• Boswellia (400 mg)
• Cayenne
• Curcumin (500+ mg)
• Devil’s claw root (5% iridoid glycoside: 500 mg)
• Feverfew
• Ginger (2 g)
• Gingko (80 + mg)
• Grape seed (150+ mg)
• Green tea
• Licorice
• Mangosteen
• Milk thistle (150+ mg)
• Pomegranate
• Pygeum
• Quercitin (1500 mg)
• Skullcap (scutellaria)(1 g)
• Turmeric
• Willow bark (200 mg+)

Anti-Inflammatory Modulators:
Omega-3 Fatty Acids: EPA, DHA (2,000 mg)
• GLA: gamma-linolenic acid (omega-6 fatty acid) Sources: evening primrose oil, black currant seed oil and spirulina.
• Pantothenic acid (B5 vitamin)
Glucosamine and chrondroitin
• MSM and SAMe

Article by: Dr. Neil Levin, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer
Dr. Levin practices in East Northport, Long Island, NY.
He can be reached for questions or comments at:, 631-651-2929

References: Dr. James Blum-Cell Science Systems – Home of the ALCAT Test,
A. Fasano and many other researchers