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Magnesium and Leg Cramps

A Match made in Heaven

I hear it all the time: "Doc, what can I do about these cramps in my legs?"  It's usually folks over 40; but young people can have the problem as well.  

In fact, my daughter Samantha used to suffer with leg discomfort almost daily at only 8 years of age.  Her discomfort was worse during the evening hours and I chalked it up to growing pains.   Then one day it dawned on me..... Samantha has poor eating habits.  My other children eat a fair amount of fruits and vegetables, but Samantha doesn't; especially if it's green.  Since magnesium is at the core of the chlorophyll molecule (think green leafy vegetables), she was probably low.  

Leg cramp

Well within 2 days of beginning magnesium supplementation, her leg pain vanished.  She forgot to tell me when the bottle was finished and a week later her pain was back.  Once she got back on the magnesium the pain vanished again.

Why does this work?  Well, 61% of U.S. diets are deficient in magnesium, with the average diet containing only 50%-60% of the RDA!  Magnesium is required for more than 300 chemical reactions in the human body, affecting cardiac function, bowel function, blood sugar control, blood pressure, bone density and joint and muscle health.  Magnesium deficiency also increases levels of C-Reactive Protein, a marker of inflammation in the body (very important for those with pain).  Symptoms associated with magnesium deficiency include: muscle cramps, joint discomfort, tingling, numbness, abnormal heart rhythms, confusion, disorientation, loss of appetite, and depression.

I find that about 75% of my patients with muscle cramps get excellent relief within 1-3 days once they begin supplementation. To reduce muscle cramps, take 3 Amino Mag per day in separate doses for a week; then reduce your intake to 2 per day for a week; and then go down to 1 as a maintenance dose (You can keep it at 2 if your cramps return upon reducing your dosage to 1).

If the Amino-Mag doesn't seem to be working for you, watch my video: Get Rid of Your Leg Cramps For Good.  I have had wonderful results with this little piece a equipment.  Let me tell you, as a former calf cramp sufferer, it's worth it. To view/purchase a slant board click here .


 The other great thing about magnesium is that is so cheap!  A 100 capsule bottle is only $10.99.  So if your suffering with leg cramps or your just generally achy, give this a try.  If you're like most of my patients, Amino-Mag  will work for you.



Eat right, exercise, supplement wisely and maintain a positive mental attitude, that's how we'll grow old gracefully, together.

To Your Splendid Health,
Dr. Neil Levin, Chiropractor, Nutritionist, Fitness Trainer