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Question of the Week: 

Q:  Dear Dr Levin,

I just became pregnant 2 months ago and I would like to keep my body in the best health as I can. I am 36 and this is my first child. I believe in vitamins and exercise. What would be the best vitamins to take during this time? Thanks.


A:   Dear Janice, Congratulations!!! 

I have 3 children.  They are a blessing.  You're in for a wonderful, fulfilling, challenging change of life.  I'm sure that you have already heard this but go out now, because you won't be having dates nights with your husband once the baby comes, for a long time.

In terms of your question: The two most important nutrients that you need to be using now are good prenatal multi-vitamin and extra fish oil.  Use a prenatal formula from one of the top suppliers making sure that it has at least 400 mgs of folic acid to potentially reduce the risk of having a baby with a neural tube defect. 

In addition take enough pharmaceutical grade fish oil to provide at least 1000 mgs of combined EPA and DHA (OmegaBerry on my website is the one that I recommend).  Personally, I take 2400 mgs of EPA and DHA a day.  If you choose to use the OmegaBerry formula, take 2-3 per day.  In addition I would recommend that you eat lots of brightly colored and dark green fruits and vegetables to provide lots of phytonutrients for yourself and your growing baby.  If you are breast feeding the baby will continue to get the omega 3's from the breast milk.  If you are bottle feeding, make sure to use a formula fortified with DHA.

Also don't forget to perform gentle exercise while you're pregnant as long as it's comfortable.  This will help you to recover more quickly from child birth and begin to create the "mommy muscles" that you'll need to carry around baby and all of the stuff baby needs. 

Feel free to give me a call (516) 605-0505.  We can review what you're doing now in more depth and perhaps make additional suggestions. 

My very best wishes in this exciting time,

Dr Neil