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The Three Most Important Supplements
That Everyone Needs to Take

Our modern lifestyle and current farming and ranching methods have created THREE HUGE HEALTH GAPS that must be filled to fight disease, improve energy, reduce inflammation, support mental and cardiovascular function and optimize health. With that in mind, there are 3 “Foundational Nutrients” that everyone needs to take. (click here to watch the video)

Number One – Omega 3’s
---- fresh fruit kozzi (large)

The number 1 most important nutrient is Omega-3 fatty acids from fish or krill oil. The natural question that my patients ask me is…why? And the answer is that modern ranching a farming methods have dramatically reduced the Omega 3 content of our food supply.

Remember the old saying: “You are what you eat”? We’ll do to the fact that the animals raised today no longer consume their natural diets, the expression now has to get a bit longer: “You are what you eat, eats.” In other words if the animals you’re eating don’t consume their natural diet, the meat from these animals will be unnatural as well.

Let’s look at cows for instance. They’re supposed to graze on grasses. Grass is high in Omega 3’s and hence the meat from those cows will be high in Omega 3’s. Chickens are supposed to be out foraging for grubs, insects and worms along with leaves, berries etc. All of these foods are high in Omega 3’s and hence the chickens were high in Omega 3’s. Even fish, one of the ultimate sources of Omega 3’s have been affected. If you eat only wild caught fish you’re fine, however most of us are eating mainly farm raised fish which are fed fish chow and hence much lower in Omega 3’s.

Today cows, chickens, turkeys even fish are fed grains which are low in Omega 3’s yet high in the less healthy Omega 6’s. Basically, our great, great grandparents didn’t have to worry about taking Omega 3’s as they were naturally occurring in their diets. However, today with these huge changes in our food supply we have a tremendous deficit in these essential omega 3’s. A nutritional disaster as Omega 3 fatty acids provide benefits for lowering inflammation, support healthy brain function, enhance cardiovascular function, support healthy blood pressure, improve circulation and blood sugar, promote healthy vision, beautiful the skin, and reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke and some cancers.

To fill this man made nutritional gap I recommend that my patients get at least 1,000 mgs of the combination of EPA and DHA (the 2 main animal based Omega 3’s) per day and more if they want to fight inflammation and support healthy blood lipids (see good choices below).

Number Two – Vitamin D
The next gap that we need to fill is a lack of Vitamin D in the winter time. Vitamin D-3 is created in our skin when a derivative of cholesterol is changed by the ultraviolet B rays of the sun to Vitamin D-3. The problem is that if you live north of Atlanta you will have a “Vitamin D Winter;” the period of time when the sun is to low on the horizon for your skin to make Vitamin D. The further north you live the longer your “Vitamin D Winter” will be. An easy way to determine if the sun is strong enough to make Vitamin D when striking your skin is to perform the “Shadow Test.” Simply check your shadow at about high noon to see if it’s longer than you are. If your shadow is longer than you it’s still too weak to make Vitamin D. If it’s shorter you’re making it.


I live in NY and around here we’re basically in a “Vitamin D Winter” from about November through about March. In other words we aren’t able to make Vitamin D for about 5 months per year creating naturally low Vitamin D levels in the winter months. A big concern as Vitamin D is so important for bone health, the immune system, memory and mood, physical strength and comfort, teeth, gums, liver, nerve tissue; it protects us from cancer and so much more. In fact Vitamin D regulates thousands of genes turning them on and off.

Many health care providers feel that low Vitamin D levels are one of the main reasons that people tend to get sick in the winter. In addition I have found that most people with SADD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) feel much better when they supplement with Vitamin D and Omega 3’s.

How much do you need? Here in NY I generally recommend 10,000 IU’s per day in the winter and 2,000 per day in the summer. The best way to know for sure is to have your blood checked. Most scientists working with vitamin D believe that 40 to 60 ngs/ml is a good target for vitamin D3 on your blood work up for preventing the major vitamin D-deficiency related diseases. Unfortunately, according to a recent National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, only 10 percent of the US population has levels in this range, and they’re mainly people who work outdoors. In case you’re concerned by the levels I’m recommending just realize that you make about 10,000 IU’s in about 10 minutes when you are outside on a sunny summer day in shorts and a tank top (see below for good choices).



Number Three – More Fruits and Vegetables (a lot more!)
fruit and veggies

How many servings do I need? Seven to nine a day! Seriously?
This is a pretty common statement after I tell a patient how many servings of fruits and vegetables they are supposed to be eating per day. Five is for kids. Adult women should eat 7 and men need 9 for optimal health and protection against cancer, heart disease, diabetes, dementia, obesity, arthritis and protecting us from free radical damage. In addition eating lots of fruits and vegetables promotes memory, energy, beautify skin, vision, joint health, circulation, blood pressure and just about anything else you can think of. Eating more produce tends to help alkalize the body which helps to reduce inflammation and promote bone health. The phytonutrients in berries tend to promote the function and effectiveness of our brain neurons.

The problem is that most of my patients aren’t getting close to enough produce daily and let me know that there is simply no way that they can eat 7-9 servings per day. For that reason I encourage them to use a daily Green Drink to supplement their fruit and vegetable intake. Below I will list some of my favorite options along with Vitamin D and Omega 3 supplements.

Excellent Supplement Choices
Omega 3’s:
My favorite Omega 3 supplement is Krill Omega 10X Super Formula. It costs a bit more than fish oil but the combination of Fish Oil, Krill Oil plus 1,000 IU’s of Vitamin D make this the premier Omega 3 nutrient. In addition, due to the high level of krill oil, it works much faster at promoting joint comfort and function. Click here to View

My favorite straight fish oil supplement is EPA-DHA Omega-3 950 mg by Physiologics. It features a full 869 mgs of the combination of the Omega 3’s: EPA and DHA per soft gel, making it one of the most potent omega 3 supplements available without a prescription. In addition it is highly purified and molecular distilled so that it is pure down to parts per billion. No worries about mercury with this fish oil. Click here to view.
I also carry a strawberry flavored liquid fish oil for kids.

Vitamin D:
There are many excellent choices available. Always take Vitamin D3 and not D2. It is more absorbable and natural to the human body. I prefer the 5,000 IU bottles so that you can take 2 per day in the winter and 1 every other day in the summer. This is usually how you will get the best bang for your buck. Click here to view our current featured Vitamin D.
In addition I carry a liquid form for children.

Phytonutrient/ Green Drinks:
organic juice cleanse

My two favorites are The Organic Juice Cleanse – Berry Surprise edition (OJC) and my old standby Triple Greens. The Organic Juice Cleanse is all certified organic with a full 5 grams of fiber while Triple greens is about 98% pesticide free with a little less fiber and more fruit and vegetable extracts. The Organic Juice Cleanse is far and away the best tasting green drink on the market. Nearly everyone loves it. Triple Greens is still delicious but with more of the high end vegetables not quite as tasty as the next generation OJC. Either way, the choice is yours and they’re both excellent. Click here to view The Organic Juice Cleanse and click here to check out Triple Greens.

When you fill these gaps you will be healthier and feel better naturally. Add some exercise, watch your posture and maintain a positive mental attitude and you will be unstoppable! (click hee to watch the "Big Three Nutrients")
Let me know how it goes for you.

Dr Neil Levin, chiropractor, nutrition expert, fitness trainer