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Top Six Supplements

Dear patients and friends: One of my patients (male-45 years old) just said to me, “Doc, I want to start taking supplements, but I don’t want to start with too many.” After careful consideration I gave him what I consider to be the 6 most critical nutrients. These are the 6 that I would take, if I could take only 6 (I take closer to 12).

The Big 6 (in no special order)---- OMEGABERRY SUPER FORMULA (thumb)

·        OmegaBerry Super Formula:  Hands down fish oil makes the list.  In fact if I could take only one nutrient this would be it.  Why OmegaBerry?  Not only is it made with the world’s finest, pharmaceutical grade fish oil (so that there’s no concern about mercury or other contaminants), it’s concentrated to double strength.  In addition it's infused with berry phytonutrients and antioxidants from bilberries, pomegranates, blueberries, cranberries etc.  Eight super fruits in all....and with no unpleasant GI symptoms.  With OmegaBerry not only do you get the finest Omega 3 fish oil, sourced from a pristine facility in Norway, you also enjoy powerful berry phytonutrients in every capsule.  Take 2-4 per day with food for best absorption. 

·        Purity’s Perfect Multi-Super Greens:  There are lots of great multis on the market.  This is one of my favorites.  Along with all the appropriate nutrients synergistically combined at appropriate dosages, Purity has gone the extra mile and added important nutrients that one doesn’t find elsewhere.  What makes The Perfect Multi Super Greens really stand out from the crowd are 3 important points:
---- PERFECT MULTI SUPER GREENS (thumb)1)    2000 IU’s of vitamin D.  This is a super high dose for a multi and the news on vitamin D just keeps getting  better.  If there weren’t a full 2000 IU’s of vitamin D in this multi it would have made the list on its own merits. Most multi’s have 100-200 IU’s.  Not nearly enough.
2)    Extracts from about 25 different fruits and vegetables.  This brings the ORAC value up to 5000!!  ORAC stands for Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity.  This is a measure of how powerful an Antioxidant it is.  Since research indicates that each one of our cells sustains 10,000 free radical hits per day, preloading your cells, tissues and organs with these powerful antioxidants is of paramount importance to optimize and protect your health.  This is the antioxidant equivalent of 8-10 servings of fruits and vegetables. Your average multi scores about 300-400 on the ORAC test. 
3)    No Iron.  Most of us don’t want added iron.  If you’re a man over 21 or if you’re a woman that is beyond her menopausal years, you don’t want to take added iron unless your doctor tells you to (for instance if you are anemic).  Too much iron can cause a litany of health problems.  Take 4 caps per day.  

   A Phytonutrient Drink
Maybe you’ve heard me speak about
Triple Greens, Super Reds, Perfect Purples, and now: Organic Triple Greens and Organic Super Reds on the radio.  I love them all.  Let’s face it... Americans don’t get close to enough fruits and vegetables.  That's why I recommend a phytonutrient drink to all of my patients.  It fills the void because each of these add the antioxidant eqivalent of 5-10 servings of fruits and vegetables to your diet every day.  Any one of these will fit the bill but I like to mix them together in a big canister and have a couple of heaping scoops of the mixture every day. They all taste good, but if don't like the flavor of vegetables, the Organic Super Reds and the Perfect Purples taste best.  Either way, adding a heaping scoop or two of the finest, most potent, health promoting fruits, vegetables and super foods in the world to your diet every single brings with it some extraordinary health benefits.

·        CoQ10: If you’re over 40, CoQ10 becomes a must-have nutrient.  It’s scientific name is Ubiquinone because it is ubiquitous, meaning that it’s everywhere in our bodies.  Indeed we can’t make energy (ATP) without it.  The problem is that we begin to make less and less CoQ10 as we age.  Additionally, our mitochondria become less effective at energy production around the same time, with both issues accelerating as we age.  The good news is that we can easily increase our tissue concentration of CoQ10 by taking it orally.  It is also one of the most powerful antioxidants one can take.  
        Note: Statin drugs cause your body to create less CoQ10.  A very unfortunate side effect which is probably responsible for the muscle pain many feel after starting on Statins.  So if you’re on Statins, in my opinion CoQ10 becomes a must. 
Bottom line, we can’t function at a high level without optimal levels of CoQ10.  If you’re over 40, you’ll need to supplement to accomplish that.  I take Purity’s Co-Q-Max 100 Super FormulaIt supplies Ginko as well for enhanced circulation. Take 1-2 per day.

·        Pycnogenol:  I use Pomenol from Purity Products and Pycnogenol (50mgs) from Douglas Labs (another fabulous company).  Purity’s cost’s a bit more but adds some additional synergistic nutrients such as a Pomegranate extract and Bioperine (Bioperine enhances  the absorption of Pycnogenol).  Pycnogenol is one of the most strenuously studied antioxidants available, with over 140 clinical studies under its belt.  Most with amazingly positive clinical benefits from improved memory and cognition, stress reduction, enhanced blood flow and pain relief to improved glucose levels and symptoms from PMS and menopause.  Such a diversely positive nutrient is not one to be missed.  I take 1-2 of either one each day for a total of 50-100mgs of Pycnogenol per day. 

·        Joint Formula Supreme:  What I like about this formulation is that it has an excellent mixture of the most critical joint nutrients and natural anti-inflammatories including: Glucosamine Sulfate, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, EPA & DHA, Boswellia, Bromelain, Nettle, Turmeric, and Ginger.  If I were to create a joint formula myself, it would include all of these ingredients.   I take 4 capsules per day in 2 separate doses.   

·        If you’re a woman make sure to add calcium as well.  I find that 500mgs per day is enough when a person gets adequate vitamin D - and the Perfect Multi-Super Greens ensures that.

Honorable mention:

Magnesium, A natural anti-inflammatory formula, Hyaluronic acid, a good prostate formula, whey protein powder, digestive enzymes, Alpha-Lipoic Acid and Carnosine.  I'll write about these soon.

Eat right, exercise, have a positive mental attitude and supplement wisely…That’s how we'll age gracefully, together.

In Health,
Dr. Neil Levin
Chiropractor practicing in East Northport, NY
(631) 651-2929