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Time to Increase Your Vitamin D for the Winter!

     The Vitamin D Shadow Test is a great way to determine when you will need to increase your level of Vitamin D Supplementation. This video shows you how to perform the Vitamin D Shadow Test while Dr. Levin tells you how much Vitamin D he takes in the fall and winter.
In an ideal world, you should strive to maintain your levels above 50 ngs/dl to promote bone health, a healthy immune system, a good mood in the wintertime and so much more. Vitamin D is truly one of the most important nutrients you can take and in the wintertime, supplementation becomes critical to maintain healthy blood levels.
     If you want to avoid getting sick this winter, supplementing with Vitamin D is the easiest and least expensive way to do it because vitamin D is one of the cheapest nutrients you can buy. Try only $12- for a high quality 5,000 IU bottle of 120 soft gels. So, come into the office to pick up your bottle for the winter or give a call and we’ll be happy to ship one to you.

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