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True story, I have been suffering of left thigh pain even when walking, I could not even run of course. After about 2 days of taking your meds, the pain went away, I'm currently taking the Krill, green multivitamins and the GC flex, something there it's working it's magic.

Thank you very much. Julio A 10/16/13

Hello,  Thank you so much.  I have been feeling so much better since I had that visit with you,  I have lost some weight, joined a gym have been excersising and eating really well.  All really good right now.  You have my highest reccommendation.  I have told people about you.  Enjoy the summer time. 

Thank you again, Theresa L (6/24/11)

Dr Levin,

My shoulder feels so much better.  When I came to you I could barely lift my arm.  Now I can lift it all the way up.  My rheumatologist cannot believe my improvement.  I told her I owe it all to Dr. Levin.



Sabrina W. (2/18/11)

Dear Dr. Levin, 

Since I’ve been taking the DHA Super Boost I notice a nice difference in my memory. 

I feel sharper, like I have more mental energy.   

Thanks for this great product. 


David T. (2/24/10)

Dear Dr. Levin,
I can't believe how much better I feel.  That was just incredible.  Amazing.

Thanks, Ronny K. (9/14/09)


Wednesday, August 25, 2010 

Name: Madelyn G.

Hi there!


Just wanted you to know I had an amazing day of being more comfortable than I have  been in the last  4 months!!! I am hoping for a good day tomorrow too. Will keep you posted on Friday morning when we come in for our visit :)





Thank you so much for working with me on a nutrition and well-being program.  In all my adult life, I’ve tried to maintain a good diet and an acceptable body weight and have been unsuccessful, but upon meeting you I have never felt better in my own skin.  I feel fit, strong, and energetic.  To put it in one word, I feel “anew.”


I know by now that you are the BEST, Neil Levin.  Thank you for your valuable lesson on how to take care of myself and for your follow-ups.  Your simple exercise that means so much is a blessing.  Thank you, thank you and keep up the great job you’re doing.   

Michelle M. (4/20/07)

My name is Ana M. and I am very happy and satisfied with the treatment that I am receiving to date.  This has been a benefit to my health.  When I first started, my conditional was very poor and I felt uncomfortable with the feeling I had.  Today I feel much better.  I’m able to sleep better and I can walk better without any pain.  I am grateful for being treated by Dr. Neil Levin who has taken good care of me.  I strongly recommend him to anyone interested in his services.

Dear Dr. Levin,

You will recall that on August 28, 1997 I visited your office as a last resort for help with a worsening problem.  I could not sit upright for more than ten minutes without changing positions frequently and leaning forward to relieve discomfort in my back.

 On my first visit, you gave me a thorough head to foot examination using x-rays of my spinal column to diagnose this condition.  You performed my first chiropractic adjustment and prescribed a weekly program of adjustments over the next three months to correct my multiple subluxations. 

Dr. Levin, you performed a miracle!  Not only did you cure my back discomfort because two years have passed without recurrence and I can sit erect comfortable, but another problem I had not mentioned originally has also disappeared.

 Over many years I had become a nasal spray addict trying to relieve my chronically stuffy nose caused by allergies I had since childhood.  As a result of your treatments my stuffy nose has cleared up, I have no more allergy symptoms, and I no longer feel any necessity to use nasal sprays.  My addiction has been broken!

 You are a true practitioner of the chiropractic healing arts, Dr. Levin, and words cannot express my gratitude for what you have done for me.  I will make an appointment for a follow-up visit shortly, because at my present age of 63 I am anxious to nurture and continue my good health through regular chiropractic care.

 Gratefully yours,

James S. (8/17/99)

 P.S.  Shouldn’t the New England Journal of Medicine be apprised of this chiropractic “miracle?”


March 29, 1999

 Four months ago after being in an accident and injuring my back and neck, I started therapy with Dr. Levin.  I had terrible pain in my spine almost continuously and whenever I walked, sat, bended, leaned over or moved my body would feel pain.  

 I have attended therapy five or six times over the past four months and my recovery is remarkable.  I can take walks and many activities without pain.  I must say thanks to Dr. Levin.

-Lutline C

Dr. Levin,
Actually it's more than a million and one thanks I owe you. I still remember how I had lost all hope of ever being pain free. Especially after the spine specialist told me that I had to "learn to live with it," After 5 years of pain, drugs, physical therapy and other chiropractors, thank God for the day that I walked into your office. There wasn't a day that I would wake up without feeling like a pain-filled pretzel until that day.  I have been pain free for 2 months-- A million and one thanks and as my thanks I will continue to shout your praise and refer more pain sufferers (my mom is doing well, my brother is too, and so is my coworker after your treatments).


I'll be dropping by soon for "inspection and re-alignment." 
-Louiselle R 

Dear Dr. Levin,

Yay!  I touched my toes for the first time in my whole life!  I can’t tell you how much better I feel.

Terri D. (10/27/10)

You're the Best Dr. Levin!
It feels like you just took a needle out of my left hip.  I feel so much better.

Thanks, Brad F. (1/22/10)

Dear Dr. Levin,
You have magic fingers!!  I feel so much better since I've been coming to you for the past few weeks.  You've also helped me so much with my nutrition and supplements.

Thanks, Dorothy (11/6/08)

I really have more energy and my doctor told me that this is the best he has seen me in years.  I really love the product; I recommend it to my church friends and the gals I play bridge with.  Thank you for the Triple Greens!

-Melina S. (2004)

Dr. Levin,

Many, many thanks for literally saving my life earlier this year when I was in so much pain!


-Rose W. (2000)


I am a senior citizen in my late 80’s and have gone to chiropractors all my life.  I selected Dr. Neil Levin because he uses a superior method of “hands on treatment” which gets excellent results.


-Lily S. (6/6/01)

I first would like to say Dr. Levin is a wonderful, caring individual who I find is honestly sincere.

 I met him at a fair down in the village, at the time my back had tightened up on me and I was walking my bike.  I happened to look up and there he was, giving free spinal examinations.  I was skeptical at first but I gave it a try.

 He gave me an appointment to come and see him and I’m here to tell you I’ve not felt this good since I was a teenager.  His knowledge and professional manner in dealing with you is top notch.

 I thank God for Dr. Levin and  I recommend him to anyone who is suffering from back ailments.  He is truly a blessing from God.

 Your very satisfied patient,
Bishop Mitchell W.

 P.S. Keep up the good work, you’re in my prayers always.


 Dr. Levin,

When I came to your office in September, 1997, I had been experiencing severe pain in my neck and shoulders.  You diagnosed my conditions as D.I.S.H. 

 I wish to thank you for your effective treatment which eliminated pain and has given me the ability to regain motion in my neck and has enabled me to have a good nights sleep.


Connie C.

Dear Dr Levin,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your stafrf for all the help you have given me in regards to my physical and mental well being.  So much so that I will not hesitate in telling others of the miracle you have performed in my life.

Bob H (2/6/13)

I noticed the door to Dr. Levin's Chiropractic office open...and inviting.  I entered (walk-ins are welcome) and asked Dr. Levin if he could help me...Dr. Levin discussed my ailments with me, and I had my first adjustment...and WOW what an incredible difference. I feel 10, no 20 years, younger! 
Thank you again, Dr. Levin.
Nancy K (5/2/10)

After experiencing noticeable numbness and pain in my right thigh and the bottom of my right foot, I was referred to a neurologist who examined me and prescribed an MRI which pointed to deterioration in L-4, L-5 and S-5, or narrowing of the vertebrae.  I went to Dr. Levin and provided him with the results of the MRI.  After conducting physical tests and taking and x-ray of the lumbar region, he treated me three days a week for approximately six weeks.  This resulted in considerable progress in reducing the numbness in my thigh and foot.  I am also able to stand straighter, rather than leaning forward which I am prone to do.

This is all due to Dr. Levin's knowledge, techniques, and recommended exercises, which I do faithfully.  Dr. Levin's personal attitude, caring, positive outlook, talent, and encouragement made all the difference.  He is a physical fitness buff with is reflected in the work he does for his patients.  I highly recommend his services.

Najim J. age 81  (2/14/11)

Dear. Dr. Levin,

One morning I woke up with terrible pains in my lower back.  I didn’t know what to do.  I happened to pick up the town and village newspaper and saw your name.  I made an appointment and I came into your office, it’s the best thing I’ve ever done.  After six weeks of chiropractic care, I am free of pain, thanks to your treatment.  Your warm personality and friendly way makes it a pleasure to see you, thank you.


Joan W.

Dr. Neil has done a great job reconditioning my back and neck for the past few months. The changes in my spine on x-ray are remarkable.  I went from having a scoliosis to having a straight spine!  Your care has helped me through my daily work activities by improving my posture and walking.  I highly recommend you for any back and neck problems.


-Ronald A.

Dr. Neil Levin,

Thank you so very much for giving me the best chiropractic treatment.  You helped me a lot with my lower back when I was in so much pain and you’re the best out of the two chiropractors that treated me.  Dr. J. C. was great but God only made the best when he made you.  Take care of yourself and give other patients the treatment you gave me and so many others.  I have a new chiropractor now [she moved].  He is wonderful.  But I miss you. God bless and be with you throughout your services and always.


Nina G. (7/25/08)

Dear Dr. Levin,
My neck and back feel so much better after just one visit!!  I should have come to see you a year ago.   I'm so impressed at how strong my leg is.  When I came to see you I had little to no strength in my right leg and after one treatment, I feel a tremendous difference. Thank you so much for your help!!!!

Cathy L. (9/26/08)

Dr. Levin,

 I want to sincerely thank you for drastically improving my various spinal problems.  When I first came to you over 1 month ago, I had severe problems with my lower back, neck, and hip.  I was in constant pain with occasional episodes of severe shooting pains. I walked bent over, with a cane, in pain, and only for short distances.

 I went to an orthopedic doctor and after x-rays and MRI’s he said I had stenosia, severe arthritis, numerous spinal deformities and deteriorations, and bone chips.  He recommended major surgery with implants in both my lower back and neck.

 Since by this point I was already improving with your care and you recommended against surgery, I just continued with chiropractic treatments, exercise, and supplements.

 Now I never have any shooting pains; am no longer in constant pain; and walk upright without a cane or pain.  Now my only problems are minor aches and stiffness in my neck and back at the end of a long day, and I am still improving.

 With sincere thanks,

Jim L.


Feburary 28, 1997 

 Dear Dr. Levin,

Thank you so much for helping me.  Before I came to you I had daily headaches for two years, had trouble sleeping and I was always tired because of the lack of sleep.  Now I feel invigorated and I haven’t had headaches for many weeks now.  I also was not able to extend my head back before I came to you and now I have full range of motion with my head and neck, and I can extend backwards.  Thanks once again, and I will be happy to refer you to my friends and neighbors.


Robert G.  

July 28, 1997

 Dear Dr. B. (this patients neurologist),

As you are aware, you diagnosed me as having disc protrusion and subsequently referred me to Dr. Neil Levin, Chiropractor.  My first visit to Dr. Levin was coupled with severe pain, which disabled me from walking normally and was somewhat crippling. I have since been under Dr. Levin’s care for the past two weeks and am happy to report that my subluxation/sciatica is subsiding and my lower and middle back pain is almost gone.  I no longer need to take the homeopathic remedies (muscle relaxers) that he first prescribed.  Dr. Levin’s treatments are primarily physical and his medicines are of holistic nature.  I am not totally out of the woods yet—Dr. Levin has suggested that I continue his treatment for a short term and predicts that if all goes well, I should be able to resume normal activity (caring for my two toddler children, exercising, etc) in no time.  I would also like to mention that not only is he a great chiropractor, he and his staff have friendly dispositions which make a warm and pleasant environment.

 Dr. B I want to thank you for your help in diagnosing my condition and your referral to Dr. Levin who has been instrumental in helping me to regain and maintain the lifestyle I once had.


Tracey C.

I thank you a lot for the outstanding treatment you gave me this morning.  When I walked in to your office I had really bad sciatic pain.  I could not even walk or get dressed.  The pain I felt was from my lower back, hip toward my entire left leg.  I feel no pain whatsoever.  The heating pad and the adjustment helped me a lot.  I feel brand new! 

Edith H. (2/15/11)

I don't know what you did to me yesterday, but I feel great!!  Thanks so much"

Steve (4/1/10)

August 20, 2010

Dear Dr. Levin,

Thanks so much.  When I first came to see you a couple of months ago, I had trouble walking, at only 23 years of age!! Each step I took sent a jolt of pain through my right leg.  Within a few weeks, I was walking normally and was pain free, thanks to the adjustments you made to my spine and hip!

 You even fixed up my neck after I mentioned that I had chronic neck pain from reading books and studying.

 I feel rejuvenated and walk stronger than I have for a long time.

 Thanks again,

James P.

Thanks to Dr. Neil Levin, chiropractor, after three adjustments I no longer have lower back pain.  I feel great!


Catherine K.

My Chiropractic Experience

By Raymond C (11/3/00)

 I am a retired Con Edison employee.  For a number of years I had suffered a rigid neck condition that limited my head movement. Being able to turn my head only a limited way, I had difficult turning around to see when backing up a car.  Then, in the spring of this year I met Dr. Neil Levin at a health fair and decided to try chiropractic treatment at his clinic.

 I started with intensive treatment three times a week.  Two months later my neck had loosened enough and I was able to turn my head in a nearly normal way.  I have continued with the treatment and feel that my neck is getting better everyday.  Now I have little or no problem with turning my head to see when backing up the car.  My improved neck flexibility also helps me with other body movements. Soon I should be able to regain and enjoy complete normal neck function with only periodic maintenance adjustment.

Testimonal to Dr. Neil Levin: 
Good work in realignment and spinal adjustment and his recommendation in the use of Glucosamine Sulfate Bromeline and vitamin c, and his therapeutic approach to low back pain which he relieved me of completely. 

Rev. Walter C.  (10/15/99)

March 6, 1996

 Dear Neil,

I want to thank you for introducing me to chiropractic care.  Like many people, I previously regarded chiropractors with skepticism.

 As you know, when I first started receiving treatment from you, I could barely turn my head to the right so driving with uncomfortable, and I also suffered from tight knots in my shoulders.  After your adjustments, though, I now have full range of motion in my neck and the pain in my shoulders is gone.

 I truly appreciate the value of chiropractic care now that I have received its benefits.  Thanks, Neil!





True story, I have been suffering of left thigh pain even when walking, I could not even run of course. After about 2 days of taking your meds, the pain went away, I'm currently taking the Krill, green multivitamins and the GC flex, something there it's working it's magic.

Thank you very much. Julio A 10/16/13

I have been seeing Dr. Levin for a few months now and the difference in my health is so dramatic that I wanted to write a note about it to thank him:
When I first went to his office I had so many health problems: Poor digestion, GERD, belching, bloating, chest pressure, Hiatal Hernia and left knee pain just to name a few.  Previously I had been to several medical doctors who gave me drugs but never got to the root cause of my problems. 

Dr. Levin listened carefully to everything I told him and was genuinely interested in helping me.  His examination was excellent and he found the causes of my many health complaints.  When I received my first chiropractic adjustment it felt like he was moving my joints back to their natural place. It was a good feeling.

He performed a maneuver I had seen in articles on the web where he gently massaged my stomach back down under my diaphragm. Within just a few days my chest pain and pressure started to ease up and my body started digesting food much more comfortably. I started to feel like I had more energy and noticed that many of the issues which had been holding me back from exercising regularly were disappearing.

After loosening up my hips with adjustments even my knee felt better and I began running again.  So what I thought was an Iliotibial band problem turned out to be just a symptom of a misaligned pelvis.  I had been trying to correct this problem for years through stretching and massage and he basically fixed it in one or two visits.  My knee feels great.

Once I began to exercise regularly without pain, I began to lose weight, especially in my mid-section. This improvement also helped relieve the pressure and bloating I felt from the GERD and Hiatal Hernia. I learned that all of the seemingly separate health concerns I had, were all linked to each other somehow. By following Dr. Levin’s holistic approach, all of these conditions have improved 100%.
I now feel fantastic. I believe my body is now finally working the way it should. I no longer take the PPI’s that the GI Doctor prescribed because I no longer have any symptoms of the GERD or Hiatal Hernia.
After battling with all of my health issues for years, I went to Dr. Neil Levin as one of my last options. Since I became one of his patients, my health has improved so dramatically, that I truly wish he was the first doctor went to. If I had seen him fist, I probably could have avoided years of agonizing pain and discomfort. I am now living happy and healthy, and I have Dr. Levin to thank for that.
Larry A (5/23/12)

Hi Dr. Neil,

Could it be possible that someone could be feeling better after taking these supplements for two weeks?  David says he feels a lot better, clearer on things.  That’s good.

 I would like to order the same we had before.


Lucy T. (8/20/08)

April 24, 2006


Dear. Dr. Levin,

 Thank you! X millions!  I am very grateful to you for the wonderful treatments that I received over the past 12 visits at your chiropractic establishment.

 I felt like a cripple when I came to you for help—I had constant pain, could not straighten my body, woke up often from the pain and was not able to walk more than a few steps.

 After I received your able treatments, I got better with each one. After 12 treatments, I feel better and rehabilitated and at least 80% improved.

 Nearly all pain is gone and I can move and walk better now!  I just love your wonderful help in so many ways that you helped me to heal so quickly.

 A million thanks and deep gratitude,

Susan T., age 74

Dear Dr. Levin,

Thank you very much for your services and care.  I will recommend you to all my friends in New York.

-Ian (10/15/99)

October 27, 1999

 Dear Dr. Levin,

Although this letter is long overdue, please accept my deepest gratitude for the help you gave me while I was suffering with unbearable pains in my shoulder, arm and back in July 1999. Your prompt medical attention and assurance helped me in the healing and recovery process.

 I came to see you almost every day for a week.  Once you began the therapy and guided me through the appropriate exercises, the pain began to go away like magic and I was able to return to work.

 There are no words which can convey how grateful I am for all your help and expert care.  You are an asset to your profession and to our community.

 May God bless you so that you can continue being the doctor you are.


Maria G.  

Dr Levin,
Finally, I can turn left and right all the way.

Tom B 3/28/14

Dr. Neil,
Tried the Organic Juice Cleanse, Felt Energized and Great.

Thank you,
Helen B 3/24/14

Hi Dr. Levin,

So nice of you to check in. I have been feeling great since my last visit with you! Two years of treatments from the other chiropractor and you fixed my problems in just two visits. Unbelievable. Thank you very much.  
Ana F (6/5/12)

“I strongly recommend anyone who has played a physical contact sport in the past to see Dr. Levin. I only been with Dr. Levin for a few months now and I already feel a tremendous difference in the way I feel.” October 19, 2011
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert.
Matt Nartowicz

Thanks Doc! Wow! Feel so much better.  Great job on my back.
Terrill D. (6/29/11) 

9/13/10: Dr Levin,
I just got my blood work back and my total cholesterol went from 249 to 203 in 3 months and my LDL went from 169 to 125! I believe it is all due to the DHA super boost and Triple action omega-3's that you suggested and so thoughtfully took the time to explain to me how it would help lower my cholesterol.  Thanks for being a great chiropractor and wellness doctor!   Debbie B.

"That was the best adjustment I've ever had."

Lorilyn H. (4/13/09)

I have been having chiropractic treatments for a short period of time, and my system is greatly improved.  I feel stronger, healthier, and very energized.  Even walking has become much easier.  I thank God for this treatment and my excellent doctor as well.  I plan to continue having frequent check-ups for the rest of my life and I recommend it for everyone.

-Maria G., R.N.

I met Dr. Levin at a health fair at work and was hooked! He diagnosed a chronic back problem and other contributing factors without the fancy equipment other doctors had needed. He gave a me an initial adjustment at work that day and I had significant improvement of my symptoms within hours! I saw him consistently over a period of months with good results. He goes the extra mile that many Chiropractors don't- demonstrating exercises and pushing me to do them consistently too. I highly recommend him! Peter L.

January 4, 2001

Dear Dr. Levin,

 I am writing to let you know how thrilled I am with the results that I have received under your care. Before coming to you I was walking around with a cane, and bent over due to low back pain. After evaluation by an orthopedist I was told that my spine was badly curved and that I would need surgery.  I did not want to go that route and began looking for a different alternative.

 By chance I ended up in your office. I was afraid of getting adjusting but thank God I came anyway.  You took x-rays, did a thorough exam, and reviewed my findings with me. I started your program of chiropractic adjustments and supplements on 12/1/00.

 It’s been just over one month and I feel great.  When my family and friends see me they can’t believe the improvements.  I can stand straight and NO MORE CANE.

 Thank you, Dr. Neil Levin.


Lorraine J.

Dear. Dr. Neil Levin,

This is to express my appreciating for the way you improved the quality of life of this 68-year-old man because you significantly reduced my decades-long back pains and increased my mobility.


Richard B. (9/13/99)

I am writing as a reference for Dr. Neil Levin.  I first met Dr. Levin about two years ago when I was suffering with a great deal of neck and shoulder pain.  His sensitivity and ability to make just the right gentle adjustments amazed me and I felt very grateful to have his office nearby.

 I have been to other chiropractors in the past and feel that out of them all I was most comfortable with Dr. Levin.   

Thank you,

Brenda K (6/28/98)

March 4, 1996

 Dr. Neil,

I can’t thank you enough for all the help you have given me with my back.  Since our first adjustment things have really improved.  I no longer have any pain when I’m about to go to sleep at night.  In addition, my trouble with pain at work on my computer are now gone.

 Thanks Again,

Mike L.