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Nat Huie
October 2019

"Dr. Neil Levin has been my chiropractor for many years. He is professional, compassionate, knowledgeable and has a passion for what he does. Great office, friendly staff. Can't wait for my next visit. "

Alberto Perez
July 2019
"I have been a patient of dr. Levin for over a month already Due to a bad car accident i was in and thankfully the expertise and care that he has shown me on a day to day basis has definitely improved my conditions as well as reassuring me that even though its a long road ahead dr.levin will be there doing his very best to keep me on the right track to recovery and maintaining great health habits to improve my life. Thank you dr levin and everyone at the office I recommend your office and your expertise to anyone that wants to be in a caring comfortable environment"

Jon Seifer
July 2019
"I needed a chiropractor and called Dr. Neil when another doctor nearby couldn't take me for four days. Dr. Neil said to come in right away and, being familiar with what chiropractors do, I could tell right away from his manner and questions that he knew his stuff. I had a frozen shoulder on one side and a very stiff neck on the other. I figured it would take quite a few visits before any relief but felt much better from the first day. Looking forward to upcoming visits with this personable, knowledgeable doctor. Five stars."

Savanna Signore
April 2019
"Dr. Levin is a wonderful chiropractor, he took in my boyfriend and I as new patients same day with the help of his lovely receptionist. He's very welcoming and clearly shows care for his patients. Never being to a chiropractor before, I was nervous. He was very calm, friendly, and explained things clearly. The improvements between the two of us has been unbelievable and we have never slept better!"

April 2019
"Absolutely wonderful experience. Calm, collected, and very friendly. 10/10 would recommend to anyone needing chiropractic work!"

Russell Skinner
February 2019
"Dr. Levin was the best. I had called him at 3pm with my upper back in so much pain I could barely breath. He took me in right away and gave me the works.
He loosened up the muscles first and gave me a careful adjustment, making sure I wasn't in anymore pain than I was already in and with my 2 bad shoulders, he did a GREAT JOB. I wound up sleeping the whole night and next day.
He even sent me a text to make sure I was ok when I slept through my next days appointment.
I would truly recommend him to anyone."

Isabella Flores
February 2019
"My 83 year old grandma has been seeing with him for the past 8 years and he's amazing! Anyone would be lucky to have him as a chiropractor. Don't hesitate to see Dr. Levin"

Thomas Milback
January 2019
"I highly recommend Dr. Levin. My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Levin’s for several months. He and his staff are always professional and go above and beyond for their patients. He makes you feel very comfotbale and is always able to resolve any pain or discomfort we are feeling. I suffer from chronic neck and back pain which has been getting consistently better since I started treating with Dr. Levin. My wife receives regular maintenance treatments and hasn’t had any issues with her back since she started. Highly recommend!"

Aaron Sulam
September 2019
"I have been seeing Dr. Levin since the fall of 2018 and have gotten tremendous results. After going through a nutrition analysis, he designed a very specific supplement regimen to follow. In addition, by eliminating Gluten and most other grains, I've lost over 20 pounds. My energy level is great and have been taken off of blood pressure and cholesterol medications. Couldn't be more satisfied and highly recommend Dr. Levin."

Br|an Mason
August 2019
"He is amazing at what he does, Very knowledgeable individual. 5/5"

Gina Mc Guckin
July 2019
"When I first went to Dr. Levin, I could not lift my arm and had excruciating pain in my shoulder and upper forearm. I was relieved to see the care and knowledge Dr. Levin gave. He asks questions and examines you before any adjustments. I had relief with that first visit and was back to normal after my third visit. I have seen him forever back issues and neck tension. He is the most amazing doctor. I then started a nutrition program with him because I was just not feeling right. Always tired and sluggish with no energy. I'm also going through menopause and suffer from hot flashes and weight gain. I'm happy to report that I hv energy now and I also started exercising. The supplements he suggested are definitely working. I am extremely grateful for his knowledge. He has me on the right track. I'm happy to report that now my husband also sees him. I highly recommend him. On my very first visit, he told me "if you have anything wrong from your head to your legs, come see me. After examining you if I feel you need any tests or need to see a specialist, I will let you know that". I trust Dr. Levin wholeheartedly."

John Mcguckin
June 2019
"Good man straighten me out"

Julie Wagner
June 2019
"I found Dr. Levin through his Google reviews, so I wanted to pay it forward and leave one of my own to hopefully help someone else find his or her way to him. My husband and I are moving to the area soon and I wanted to find a good local chiropractor. My experience with other chiropractors on the island has been pretty hit or miss, so I was crossing my fingers for this one to work out.

I regularly have migraines with aura, but since the second trimester of my pregnancy started they have increased to an almost intolerable frequency. Since I've started to see Dr. Levin, my migraine frequency has gone down to almost nothing, and I can actually feel a new range of motion in my neck. I admit - I am a self neck-cracker. But I've begun to notice that my neck is feeling loose enough to where I don't need to crack it as often throughout the day. I also think it's worth mentioning that Dr. Levin gives the most specific adjustments I have ever had. The only bone I hear moving in my head when he adjusts me is the single one he is intending to move. I've never had a chiropractor adjust me this way. To be honest, I wasn't even aware that neck adjustments could be so specific! More times than I care to think about, I have had my neck jerked to the side by other chiropractors without the satisfying crack of an adjustment, which just leaves me with more of a knot than I originally had. With such specific and careful adjustments from Dr. Levin, I have not had that happen yet.

I could go on and on, but if you are looking for a great chiropractor on Long Island, I highly recommend Dr. Levin and his practice."

Carl Mauriello
January 2019
"Dr levin is way more then just a chiropractor!
He is in it to help every patient that walks through the door and treats you like family."

christopher muhlhauser
January 2019
"Dr.Levin is literally my life saver!! I always come in after a long week of work and in pain and discomfort. He is truly a professional and his demeanor is amazing!! He is always calm,cool,and collected. All I do is explain what is bothering me and he knows EXACTLY the right adjustments. I literally leave feeling like a NEW MAN every time I leave his office. I have been to several chiropractors in my lifetime and never had I had the adjustments like I have had with Dr. Levin."